Leadership Mastery: Capitalizing On 5 Minutes A Day

True mastery is mastery of your purpose, through your habits. Ok, so today I want to talk about purpose and how you can capitalize on it on daily basis. All you need to set your day targeted planning for just 5 minutes a day. It may sound like an impossible task but it can be accomplished through purpose oriented approach. The funny thing is it works only through that, and only that. Now read the first sentence on this post first again, did you catch it. Yes, is habits that control your purpose. So build on them. The smaller habits you have a control on the better your out come and bigger Read more [...]

What is In Your Tool Box: Creating a Business Guide For Your Downline

So today I want to ask you a question, I seem to be on a roll so let's go with it: "What is in your tool box: Building a Business Guide for Your Downline". Really what is in there, can you implement it, can you use it. If so implement don't wait around for the perfect storm of opportunity. Go out and implement it. What is in Your Tool Box: Creating a Business Guide for Your Downline However, if you notice a complete lack of tools to implement it may be time to get them. What do I mean with tools? Well to put it simply proven strategies and systems you use to flood your business with prospects, Read more [...]

What Do You Love About Your Business

So today I want to talk about love, not I love you man or woman but love of business and doing the things that really excite you. Yeah, that little thing. I'm not trying to be mussy with this I'm just point out that the greatest enjoyment we get out of life is through the things we love to pursue, like building something. Like being part of something greater than yourself that has soul and life of its own. Now, if you think about business, what first comes to mind, marketing, customers, the service. Or is it the life of the business the people in the business. Whether its network marketing Read more [...]

Guide to Network Marketing: At The Centre of the Community

"Think global, not local." As a network marketer we are part of the a community of people. Locally as well as internationally the reach we have through social media is one of our greatest gifts as a society, nowhere else can we enjoy the benefits like Facebook, twitter which has follow important events cross countries. But that doesn't have to happen in the dorm rooms, the bars, the cubicles, it can be on the go, through the mobile, on the table the medias are freely at our disposal. The ways in which we connect is ours to choose so why still so many network marketing companies claim an exclaim Read more [...]

3 Ways to Edify Your Leaders

"Edify, edify, edify. Marching Song of the Marketer." Ok , so I want to do something to edify the wisdom of my own up line, but also to give you 3 distinct ways to repeat this and why you should always do this. There are obvious reasons for it and there are not so obvious reasons for it. But whatever you do edify your own business up-line, business partners, and comrades in arms. Why, do you really need a reason for this, simply because its good business. Let me explain what I'm after. Edification is a way for you to improve your relations to your network marketing business up line and Read more [...]

What Are You Worth?

"What are you worth?" I have asked this question before on my blog, but I don't think I have really explored it in the way I would like to answer and explore it. To answer it we must make a balance sheet of your life of sorts in the form of assets and liabilities. But before that I would like to give you a few ideas about what you are really worth, see your worth is not simply the money you have or the bonds, stocks you own. What I'm talking about is the knowledge you have. I'm seeking to quantify your specialized knowledge, which is quite valuable in itself. Did that sink in? Seeking Read more [...]

3 Techniques To Use To Get Clear On Your Goals

"What are the goals driving you, what special skills can you bring to bear, what value can you bring to the table." I have written so much about goals, you might think that I don't have anything more to say about getting clear on your goals or working with your goals. But those posts have been small, in focus and scale with one single idea in each driving them. That is not to say that I don't intend to do more those macro-posts, but just that they have served a purpose in giving you a way of seeing how I think and what I think about. In addition to aiding and giving you some ideas to work Read more [...]

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